University of Virginia Lawn Watercolor

Lawn at UVa

Today, a large format print (the image portion being 12″x28″) in full color on watercolor stock is available for purchase directly from Mr. Bloodworth for the price of $90 plus $20 shipping. Please contact him at Mr. Bloodworth is an alumnus of the University, having graduated in 1968 from the School of Architecture. Paul Victorius at the Corner handled the first 300 prints of an earlier watercolor done by Mr. Bloodworth in 1967. Victorious had sold out by 1971. In 1987, the Alumni Association asked Mr. Bloodworth to do a new watercolor of the Lawn, prints of which were given to donors during the same year. The small quantity of the full color, high quality prints that remain from that 1987 printing are still available from the artist.