Russell Bloodworth graduated from the University of Virginia in 1968. The previous year, Bloodworth painted his first watercolor of the Lawn, and large format custom prints of the work were sold in sepia tone through the famous print master, Paul Victorius. The initial run sold out by 1970

In 1993. the Alumni Association approached Mr. Bloodworth with the idea of giving Alumni donors who contributed $250 a custom print of a newly commissioned watercolor of the Lawn. Bloodworth threw himself into the project, creating a new full color watercolor in meticulous detail.

Today, a large format print (the image portion being 12″x28″) in full color on watercolor stock is available for purchase directly from Mr. Bloodworth for the price of $90 plus $10 shipping. Please contact him at russellbloodworth@gmail.com.

Some of Mr. Bloodworth’s other works can be seen here.



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